Beautiful, custom-made leather and equestrian goods from master saddlers in Surrey


Harness for competition or showing. We stock Zilco synthetic competition and leisure harness and make our own leather harness and components.

It looks and feels like leather but is is made from specially coated webbing making it hard-wearing and easy to clean. It is smart enough for dressage and sufficiently rugged for a marathon.

The harness is padded with materials that stay soft and resist dirt and sweat to ensure the comfort of your horse or pony even when working hard.

We currently have single harness in stock and can quickly source pair, tandem or team harness on request.

Harness is fitted by one of this country's leading competition carriage drivers. Advice on fit and suitability is available on request.

Custom-made leather harness

We also make harness to order to fit your exact specifications in size, colour, fit and fittings. Here is a harness made for a customer recently:

Repairs We alter and repair leather and webbing harness to the highest standards.