Beautiful, custom-made leather and equestrian goods from master saddlers in Surrey

Leather belts and accessories

Our tailor-made belts have proved very popular. Standard belts are made from the highest quality English bridle leather and finished with a brass or nickle bridle buckle. We make a range of widths, lengths and colours, but since we make each one especially for its wearer, we're happy to create it any way you want.

Our standard belts and buckles

 1: Belt buckle, Australian nut leather
2: Belt buckle, black leather
3: Swage buckle, conker leather, stitched creases
4: Scotch buckle, red chestnut leather
5: Crown buckle, dark Havana leather
6: Horseshoe buckle, London tan leather
7: Military roller buckle, chestnut leather
8: West End buckle, black leather, stitched creases

Tailor made: West End buckle, black leather, stitched creases

We stock brass and nickle bridle and roller buckles but we can also make belts with a variety of special buckle types. We can also make a new belt to fit a well-loved old buckle.

A selection of our belts and buckles is shown below but a much wider variety is available so please let us know what you had in mind.

Black leather belts

Black leather belts

Black leather, West End buckle, stitched creases.

One and a quarter inch stitched belt in havana English bridle leather with a brass roller buckle