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  • Wintec saddles in stock.
  • No 1 synthetic saddle
  • Lightweight
  • Easy care: just wash with soap and water
  • Replaceable tree allows saddle to be refitted
  • Fitted by experts

Second-hand saddles

We always carry a stock of second-hand saddles and we can recommend one for your horse or pony based on the type of riding you do.
Our second-hand saddles are, of course, expertly fitted for the comfort of both horse and rider.

Saddle fitting

  • New saddles should always be fitted by an expert to ensure the comfort of the horse and the rider
  • A saddle's fit should be checked after three months and then every six months or so. Your horse or pony may change shape as their fitness level changes.
  • Our saddle experts are fully qualified and have years of experience in saddle fitting.